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Aircraft Part Procurement Services

Key services at a glance

At AAM, we specialize in:
aircraft component procurement, offering tailored services. We meticulously source components to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring reliability and compliance with industry regulations and certifications.

Our procurement process:
Begins with assessing your requirements to identify suitable components. Using our network of trusted suppliers, we negotiate competitive pricing to deliver cost-effective, high-quality solutions.

With a focus on:
efficiency and reliability, we streamline procurement to minimize lead times and ensure timely delivery. Our experts oversee every step, providing personalized support from initial inquiry to final delivery, addressing all concerns.

In addition:
To standard components, we offer specialized procurement for hard-to-find parts. Leveraging our expertise, we locate OEM, aftermarket, or custom solutions, ensuring precise fulfillment of your aircraft requirements with unmatched proficiency.

At AAM, we prioritize:
Customer satisfaction, exceeding expectations with exceptional service and commitment to excellence. Our dedicated team and proven success ensure reliable, cost-effective procurement solutions, keeping your aircraft operating at peak performance.

Contact us today:
To learn more about our aircraft component procurement services and discover how we can support your aviation needs with professionalism, efficiency, and integrity.

New Aircraft Delivery Services

Key services at a glance

Onsite production inspection:
Conduct comprehensive factory inspections during production to verify compliance with design specifications, quality standards, and regulatory requirements.

Paint inspection onsite at the factory:
Ensure quality and adherence to customer specifications during the painting process, guaranteeing a flawless exterior finish that meets both aesthetic and performance standards.

Records review:
Scrutinize all relevant documentation, including maintenance records, airworthiness certificates, and regulatory compliance documentation, to confirm completeness and accuracy before delivery.

Customer acceptance flight at the customer center:
Organize and oversee acceptance flights at the customer center to demonstrate the aircraft's performance, functionality, and safety features to the airline customer prior to delivery.

Records review:
Scrutinize all relevant documentation, including maintenance records, airworthiness certificates, and regulatory compliance documentation, to confirm completeness and accuracy before delivery.

Physical exterior inspection at the customer delivery center:
Conduct a detailed examination of the aircraft's exterior surfaces, including fuselage, wings, and control surfaces, at the customer delivery center to ensure no defects or damage occurred during transit or handling.

Physical interior inspection at the customer delivery center:
Inspect the aircraft's interior components, including seating, cabin amenities, and entertainment systems, to ensure they meet the airline customer's specifications and quality standards.

Physical interior inspection at the customer delivery center:
Inspect the aircraft's interior components, including seating, cabin amenities, and entertainment systems, to ensure they meet the airline customer's specifications and quality standards.

Compliance verification:
Verify that the aircraft complies with all contractual agreements, regulatory requirements, and customer preferences regarding equipment, configuration, and performance.

Documentation handover:
Facilitate the transfer of all necessary documentation and manuals to the airline customer, ensuring they have the information needed for safe and efficient operation of the aircraft.

Aircraft Transition Management

Key services at a glance

Project Management:
Complete end-to-end technical project management with an in-depth project report to ensure projects are on-time &, within- budget, and lead commercial conversations for customers.

Contracts Review:
We can interpret complex lease agreements and convert the technical language into plain English, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding and are fully aware of all contractual obligation’s.

Smart Status Reports:
AAM’s platform updates status reports in real-time and can identify and flag to all stakeholders those maintenance items which have not met the return conditions.

Maintenance Planning:
We can forecast maintenance planning for C checks/EoL checks, ensuring all required tasks have been covered as per the latest Maintenance Planning Document (MPD/AMP).

Part Out Management:
We can provide bespoke, highly cost-effective solutions for a full aircraft teardown, from scanning the maintenance records, performing LLP BTBH reviews, to supplying the labor and to dissembling the asset onsite.

Technical Records Management

Key services at a glance

On and Off-site Technical Records Support:
AAM’s experienced team can work remotely or travel globally to perform Full-Back-to-Birth-History (FBTBH) hardcopy or electronic record builds for upcoming End-of-Lease (EOL) projects using our digital platform or the customer’s portal.

Indexing and Inventory:
We can send a team of technical records experts to scan, OCR, index and produce detailed inventories of a complete aircraft history or that of an entire fleet. The digital records can be housed on AAM’s secure digital platform or any customer-preferred portal.

Preparing Status Reports:
AAM’s technical records team leverages extensive industry knowledge to construct comprehensive status reports using approved data, ensuring robust compliance. We forecast lease return conditions to support End-of-Lease (EOL) and Shop Visit (SV) Workscopes (WKSs).

Compliance Build and Audit:
We have the in-depth technical knowledge to build compliance from the ground up to demonstrate contractual and regulatory compliance with approved data. We can complete the audits on- or off-site using our digital platform or our customers preferred portals.

On-site Inspections

Key services at a glance

On-site Inspections:
AAM’s experienced team can travel globally to perform physical aircraft and records inspections to highlight potential asset exposure with the provision of detailed reporting, digital photos, and video auditing.

Records Retrieval and Assurance of Robustness:
AAM’s team will retrieve all the required records and checks the technical records thoroughly for robustness against approved data and contractual requirements.

Pre-purchase Inspection (PPI):
AAM’s experts will perform a detailed physical inspection and evaluate the aircraft technical records, providing a detailed report and pictures via our digital platform.

Annual or Mid-Term Inspection (MTI):
Annual or MTI physical aircraft and technical records robustness inspection will be performed to ensure the clients asset is being well maintained and the inspection will highlight any potential issues with the operators maintenance management.

Aircraft Structural

Key services at a glance

Repair Mapping:
Our technical onsite team will perform a full dent and buckle assessment of the whole aircraft to ensure all damage is recorded to ensure a robust report at lease return.

Repair DFPs:
We are experts at finding and evaluating DFPs to ensure you meet all compliance and lease agreement requirements

Status Report:
If you do not already have robust repair status, then our experienced team can review all your records and aircraft to prepare status reports to ensure you are fully covered.

Repair Approval:
AAM experts will evaluate any damage and provide the necessary support in obtaining the required repair approval(s) from the OEM / DER / DAR as required.

Digitization of Technical Records

Key services at a glance

Our team can be deployed anywhere in the globe to digitize large volumes of historical maintenance records.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Enabled:
Our highly efficient AI- and ML-based platform works smartly and has the capability of independently recognizing and indexing records.

Data Migration:
The team at AAM can smoothly transit any previously scanned data to our advanced platform.

We will create a detailed index of records, enabling you to easily identify if there are any missing record gaps in the Maintenance History.

Tear Down Services

Key services at a glance

Project Management:

Onsite throughout the project to oversee MRO Teardown of all farmed components: Engines, APU, Land Gear, Avionics Equipment, Hard Time, OCCM, and Flying Controls, and any other high valued part

Tracking Documents:
Work Package / Work Order Sequence Tally Sheet - listing Open/Closed WOs and NRs / Part Removal Tracking / Crates Manufacture / Shipping Tracking

Project Management Deliverables:
Hold daily morning production meetings at check control to ensure the Teardown progress, part tagging, component crating, and shipment of all materials is on track.

Farmed Component Statuses:

Engine LLP/QEC, APU LLP/LRU, Land Gear LLP / Avionics Equipment / Hard Time / OCCM statuses

Offsite Record Management: The offsite highly skilled records engineer will ensure all Certification (ARCs), DFPs and BTBH is loaded against the component farmed parts. Tags are correctly labeled before the parts are shipped. Ensure the farmed listed is robust and ready for the procurement Services Manager

Airframe Procurement Management:

Engage repair shops and see out lead times and prices which are attractive for each component. Priority is given to high-value and fast-moving components to each maximum value can be extracted. Provide competitive offers for the sale components from the market

Engines Procurement Management:
Offering solutions based on Engine condition, lease, sale and/or tear down. For torn down Engine, ensure that components are sent to shop and manage shops throughout repair process. Identify the components with long TATs and ensure these are placed with shops as priority and the repair process is managed

FAA DAR Support

Key services at a glance

DAR Support:
We deliver hassle-free services for preparing and submitting online applications for issuing Std CofA, Export CofA, and SFP via the FAA AWC portal.

DAR Checklist:
A digital FAA compliance verification checklist is created to demonstrate the airworthiness of the assets to ensure the FAA can issue the Std CofA.

Preparation of Tech Records:
Preparation of all the records, statements, and letters in support of the digital records checklist package as per the DAR checklist.

Standard Certificate of Airworthiness [Std CofA]:
Compile Form 8130-6 to submit via the FAA AWC portal for our associated DAR to issue a Std CofA.

Non-technical Objection [NTO] support:
Develop a Workscope for the support of deferring MPD tasks via a NTO application to allow the aircraft to ferry to its MRO facility.

Export Certificate of Airworthiness [Ex-CofA]:
Fill in Form 8130-1 for our associated DAR to issue an Ex-CofA.

Ferry Flight services:
Once your aircraft has been issued it is Std CoA, we have the capability of flying it to its destination using one of our trusted partners.

Special Flight Permit (SFP):
Compile Form 8130-7 to submit via the FAA AWC portal for our associated DAR to issue an SFP.

CAMO Support

Key services at a glance

ARC Issuance/Renewal Support:
We will create all required statements, status reports, and reviews of the maintenance records to support issuing an ARC review to obtain all regulatory certificates to be flight-ready.

Quality Audit:
We will review and organize all the required technical records to ensure a smooth and easy CAMO review.

We will create a list of due MPD, HT, Mod, STC, IR tasks for a set clearance period required by the lease agreement to ensure a CRS, ARC, Std CoA, and Export CoA can be issued.

Return to Service:
We will generate all the required statements, status reports, and reviews of the LTS records to support the issuing of an ARC review to obtain all regulatory certificates.

Damage Insurance Assessment

Key services at a glance

Global Support:
AAM’s experienced, proactive team can travel globally and liaise with all appropriate personnel to ensure a well-planned and organized project.

Repair Documents:
AAM’s standardized damage and repair reporting is backed up by all the necessary dirty fingerprints [DFPs] and approved documentation to ensure a timely approved claim.

Cost Mitigation:
AAM’s services go far beyond evaluating any damage. We understand there are commercial consequences. We will ensure our evolution is performed in a timely fashion and we will get straight to work to mitigate operation losses and potentially achieving substantial cost savings.

Adjuster Queries:
AAM’s team will quickly address all raised questions from the damage evaluation to ensure the asset is promptly evaluated to achieve a successful claim.

Technical Reporting:
AAM’s onsite team will evaluate the aircraft, map out all the damage, and will prepare an in-depth technical industry-qualified assessment, which is accepted by all the leading global aviation claims companies.

Financial Reporting:
AAM’s team will create a detailed report accounting for all costs, such as parts, materials, repair costs, and commercial charges.

Powerplant Management

Key services at a glance

Maintenance Reserve Management:
AAM has extensive technical lease return knowledge which we can effectively leverage to accurately plot MR payments or the equivalent end-of-term return compensation for an engine overhaul or performance restoration.

Status Report Building:
AAM has the capability to build any status report from the ground up using approved technical data. We can convert the most complicated of reports into Excel document using our advanced digital software.

FBTBH Build:
AAM can quickly assess any asset to comprehensively build Full-Back-to-Birth-Historical records. Records are thoroughly reviewed to ensure there are no gaps in compliance or contractual requirements.

Portfolio Management:
AAM has built and managed complex reservation portfolios for respected aviation customers and we have a very experienced in-house team to manage your complete portfolio.

Maintenance Reserves

Key services at a glance

Maintenance Reserve Negotiation:
AAM will carry out an in-depth analysis of the lease agreement maintenance reserves (MR) and provide a final report that can be effectively used to support negotiations to achieve the best possible MR lease rates.

Through our innovative platform, AAM can precisely calculate the amount of maintenance reserve (MR) monetary amount per asset, based on monthly utilization data.

Forecasting and Reporting:
AAMs experts will carry out accurate forecasting of the upcoming months through smart reports from our platform, helping you effectively manage your maintenance portfolios.

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