Fundamentals of Technical Records and Lease Process Training Program

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In the course, participants will have an understanding of
Fundamentals knowledge about the Aircraft Lease Process and Practices.
Knowledge of Maintenance Planning Document, Approved Maintenance program and introduction of different standards of Airbus and Boeing.
Understanding of Scheduled Maintenance and Unscheduled Maintenance Procedures.
Knowledge about all Maintenance Records used as compliance documents during Aircraft Redelivery.
Fundamentals of all the important sections which are covered during inspection of Aircraft by the Lessor, such as OCCM Hard Time Components, Modifications (ADs SBs), Assemblies, Last done/Next due, Structural Repairs and Delivery Bible.

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Fundamentals of Technical Records and Lease Process Training Program Syllabus

Courses Level I Level II Level III
Topics to be covered

• Introduction of Aircraft Lease
• Leased Aircraft Lifecycle
• Aircraft Lease – Advantages & Disadvantages
• Types of Lease
• Technical Requirements - Aircraft Redelivery

Note: Only Module 1 - Lease Process
and Practices is Complementary
Free Course from AAM.
All other paid modules will
be accessible soon.

• Fundamentals of Hard Time Components
• Life Limited Parts
• ADs & SBs

• Fundamentals of Aircraft Repairs
• Last Done/Next Due
• Delivery Bible/ Technical Library


3.8 Hours

7.4 Hours

11.4 Hours

Instructors Mr. Gordon Jarratt
Ms. Mahima Sharma
Mr. Gordon Jarratt
Ms. Mahima Sharma
Mr. Gordon Jarratt
Ms. Mahima Sharma
Price $199

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I am really satisfied by this course from AAM.

Rupesh Mathur
Sr. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer SpiceJet LTD

Definitely it is re-brush the knowledge in all aspects. It is 100% perfect training module.

Umashankar Harsha
Founder and Project Director

Absolutely superb training and informative content.

Pankti Mehta
Quality Engineer
Litens Automotive Group - UK

Contents were covered to the fullest and overall an excellent course.

Ajay Bhende
Sr. Field Service Representative
GE Aviation - India

The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. I have attended several trainings before but I can not recall any of them having such a strong impact.

Athul Anil
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
Etihad - UAE

Thanks to AAM, for this new vision, I am very motivated and implementing what I learned. It was really a pleasure to have completed this training and many thanks tutors for their support throughout the course.

Adela Castro
Quality & Standards Analyst
SKY Airlines - USA



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